Monday, April 15, 2019

Blue  2017

In my continuing quest to convince Google that I am not scraping the content of other sites, I present to you (and their spiders) Blue, which I painted in 2017.   You can even see my signature on it.  

It was a fun painting to do (I paint digitally on table monitors) because the transparency allowed me to seamlessly approximate the color of a collie with the background.  

I work in the same way that most cartoonists do, I think.  I do a rough sketch, then ink it, add local color, and then (sometimes) shading.   The shading makes it look realistic...but that isn't always what I am looking for.   There are plenty of artists that do realism far better than I have ever cared to.  No, I am primarily a cartoonist.  

I am currently working on developing a fifty-two strip weekly series of cartoons that will explain more deeply who I am and what I think...without being the least bit political.   I think laughing at ourselves is wonderful, creative medicine in a world that desperately needs more joy.  

Until tomorrow...     ...cb  

Whack a Collie